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The dream apartment has been found, the walls shine in fresh colour and the furniture is upright. However, you have certainly considered before, which furnishing style you want to convert in your apartment. Minimalist modern, unconventional boho look or classic country house style? Our preferred furnishing style already determines the search for the apartment and the choice of furniture and ensures that we really feel at home. According to the motto "Show me how you live and I'll tell you who you are" we underline our personality with our apartment. But only accessories make their style complete and individual, which is why rugs play a central role in your furnishing style. This is why we have the right rug for any style.

Rugs for Scandinavian Style

The love of nature, a reduced design, natural colours and light wood - this is what makes up the typical Scandinavian furnishing style. Do these criteria apply to your home and do you love the look of the scandinavians? Congratulations, because the choice of rugs to match your style is large and varied. In addition to simple, graphic designs, for example geo patterns, the Scandinavians rely on earth and pastel shades as well as natural materials. That's why Scandinavian rugs or natural fibre rugs are the right choice for you. If the rug is to become an optical eye-catcher, you can also play with contrasting accents, when it comes to colour. In Scandinavian, this means: patterns in black and white!

rugs for scandinavian interior style

Rugs for minimalist furnishings

Stylish and yet pragmatic, this is the minimalistic-modern style. Clear lines and neutral colours dominate here. Too many accessories are avoided in order to keep the apartment as pragmatic as possible. To give the room a cosy component, however, textiles are essential. A high pile rug in plain colours combines minimalist reduction and comfort in one and is therefore the ideal companion for your minimalist furnishings. Our Shaggy Whisper is available in many restrained colours and different sizes. But you can also choose a rug in a striking colour and make it the optical centre of your room.

Rugs for the Boho Chic & Ethno Look

In a Boho or Ethno apartment, rugs aer not only a stylish addition, they even become the centre of attention. Because rugs, whether on the floor or on the wall, are essential in unconventional hippie furnishings. Wooden furniture, numerous plants and accessories that you brought back from your last vacation to faraway countries are joined by rugs that reflect the Boho feeling of life: Natural, strong colours, oriental and kilim patterns and fringes.

rugs for boho chic ethno interior

Rugs for the country house style

Your interior convinces with rustic country house charme and at the same time radiates a touch of romantic nostalgia? Apartements in country house style are inspired by their surroundings - that's why nature and landscape shape their characteristic features. Solid furniture made of dark wood or in Shabby Chic style are the order of the day in this quiet interior. The perfect country house rug comes in a subtle, subdued colour palette - beige, cream, grey and brown - and is made of natural materials such as wool, cotton and jute. Classic patterns round off its design, which is why vintage rugs and natural fibre rugs create the perfect ambience for an authentic country house feeling.

Rugs for Industrial chic

Are you one of the lucky ones who can (almost) call a loft your own, or have you managed to give your apartment an urban metropolitan feeling in the style of industrial chic? The selection of rugs for this furnishing style is extremely varied. Especially if you're actually living in a spacious loft, rugs are indispensable because they dampen noise, give cosiness and structure to a room. There is no rug in the typical industrial style, but you can combine a lot of rug styles and create exciting style breaks. Strong colours and patterns, such as a vintage rug, but also faux furs round off the rough industrial style.

rugs for industrial chic interior

The rug has long since dropped its former image that sometimes was said to be fusty and this year has even advanced to become one of the trend accessories for the home. And as you can see, no matter which living style you choose, you will definitely find the right rug. You can also find out how you can determine the right size and shape in our blog post: Rug size guide & putting the rug in the perfect place. Have fun shopping in the benuta online shop!

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